Independent Floors in Gurgaon, Better Living space with 10 Benefits

In a pandemic, where work from home is gleaning good attention families are looking for a capacious space to live in and this has directly uplifted the demand for Independent Floors because families want to live together, but at the same time, they need a space to work as well, this way they maintain personal and professional life.

Before we process ahead- the first talk about the Independent builder floor meaning to get a better idea of the space.

Independent Floor sets boundary walls and maximum it comes with 4 levels with terrace access, and here one will get limited families and better access to the modern services because of the limited floors as compared to apartments which come in bigger numbers, and then joint families can buy 2 floors together to have privacy, sufficient space and better access to the services.


  • As mentioned above, families are looking for privacy and a bigger living space where they can manage both personal and professional life; families can take 2 floors together and have separate space for work because it is dependent on work from home and for this, low rise buildings are much in demand.
  • Other than this, because of the high demand of Independent Floors, you can exit soon after getting its capital appreciation and this is what the investors are doing as it is a good way to flow the capital and get better perks out of it.
  • Furthermore, without paying hefty amount you make an investment in Independent Floors, where you know you have not invested much, so this even curtails the risk rate, so all in all, meeting smart property at the right price.
  • Bigger excess to the facilities, starting from the gym, spa, clubhouse, sports hub, jogging track, party hall and lots more options are infused in the project and because of the limited families, it improves the accessibility rate where residents are free to get into the services for a longer time.

For the swimming pool, you don’t have to wait for your chance because the accessibility rate is much higher.

Quality Construction
  • Better resale value because of its high demand, so if you want to dispose off, then you will never repent because the returns will be much better. As mentioned above it is a good way to flow your money and get better ROI.
  • Extra space in the form of a terrace, so the top floor will always have an edge of a terrace and this can be used in the best way possible- TO RELAX, TO CREATE PARTY PLACE, TO DRY CLOTHS, TO CREATE A STORE MORE AND MORE.
  • It ensures high quality construction because of the limited development and the builder tries to give its 100 per cent in order to bring novel designs, quality construction and better layout to have a beautiful living space that never fails to maintain its charm.
  • Bigger attention is given to the greenery because of the low development ratio, so comparatively, the open space is more and this is used in the best way possible by creating a breathable and pollutant free ambience.
  • Low maintenance is another important benefit and this way the residents may freeze some amount and use it personally. Limited floors bring limited residents and the maintenance is easier for the society.
  • Low rising buildings are much in demand families because of many concerns. There is no completion within the floors, for elders, it is a better space, low rise for kids, low crowd in the society and to experience better security.
Independent Floors

So keeping its advantages and demand in mind, even the builders are leaving no stone unturned to bring a high range of Independent Floors where home buyers and investors both can plan their investment.

Recently, DLF LTD the leading and trusted builder unveiled its new Independent Floors in Gurgaon to bring a comfortable society for the residents and let them live in a better atmosphere that is friendly, comfortable, and maintains peace and privacy.



A well-scattered society with the new floor plan to form 3 & 4 BHK floors where one can meet the right space to have bigger living space, and as this is the premium development by the well-known builder DLF LTD who it ensures a high range of amenities inside, so you name it and you get it here.

And its location in sector 54, Gurgaon the major sector of Gurugram which is 100 percent planned with the social and physical infrastructures, beyond this, Gurgaon is the main hub growing high job opportunities for the locals- IT companies, MNC’s, business center and local companies, so one can manage its personal and professional life with ease.

So there are ample reasons that will uplift the demand for this new independent Floors Gurgaon where both investors and homebuyers can consider 10 vital advantages which are mentioned above and plan a lucrative investment in Independent builder floor in Gurgaon.

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