Why Invest In LIV Developers?

LIV Developers is a property development firm that is expanding quickly. UAE’s Dubai is home to its base. The firm was founded in 2000, although its origins are in New York and Los Angeles. The firm was founded to create luxurious residences and upmarket properties for people all over the world. It first established its reputation in New York and Los Angeles before moving to Dubai in 2015. The goal of LIV Developers right now is to provide the best living environments possible in Dubai.

The LIV brand is associated with custom homes, opulent finishing, premium settings, and breathtaking designs. Ishan Khwaja is the director while Latif Habib is the CEO of the firm. Since 1991, the founders of LIV have resided in Dubai and made significant investments in several of projects around the region.

In 2015, they made the decision to build their first residential tower, and they intended to do it in a special place with a well-established neighborhood. At that point, they began considering Dubai Marina as a possible site for their opulent residential development.

LIV Developers introduced LIV Residence, their first property in Dubai, in 2018. The business entered the emirate’s property sector with this project. Following the achievement of the completion of this opulent estate project in 2020, further opulent residences were introduced in some of Dubai’s most esteemed locales. Their most recent opulent endeavor is the Liv Lux, an elite luxury skyscraper located in Dubai Marina, one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods.  The luxury tower provides a wonderful fusion of breathtaking vistas, eye-catching designs, remarkable construction, and hotel-quality amenities.

As a brand, LIV Developers specializes in creating opulent worldwide residences that provide a plethora of upscale facilities and guarantee a superior standard of living for the occupants. The business also developed retail, industrial, and mixed-use spaces in New York. The organization gained a reputation for being extremely effective and dependable in the fields of designing and producing projects of all types by placing a strong emphasis on building excellence, attention to detail, processes, materials, and timely execution.   

The firm has emerged as a leading estate builder in Dubai by utilizing its expertise in creating customized areas for both residential and commercial purposes. The firm benefits from the founders’ extensive understanding of Dubai’s property sector. The organization is still dedicated to giving its clients the best return on their investments and making sure they are completely satisfied.

Property Offered by LIV Developers

  • LIV Warerside at Dubai Marina

Price (AED)2.3 M 1 – 5 BR

Duplexes, Penthouses, Townhouses & Villas

Located in a rich region of Dubai, known for its water-style home complexes with all the opulent amenities and exclusive facilities, LIV Waterside is the new paradise for you to experience waterfront life. All of the homes at LIV Waterside have views of the water. A symbol of opulent life, Dubai Marina is a monument to architectural genius and magnificence.

Entering a LIV Waterside home is like walking into an unparalleled universe of beauty. The rooms have been beautifully and luxuriously created with careful thought. These residences are the pinnacle of the highest standards of living, with modular kitchens that include top-of-the-line equipment and spacious living spaces that provide expansive views of the harbour and saltwater. With their exquisite decor and comfortable furniture, bedrooms become personal havens. Bathrooms with jacuzzis and high-quality fixtures are similar to spas.

In addition to being a residential sanctuary, LIV Waterside will be an investment in property magnet. The region has a variety of real estate options to suit different tastes and price ranges, from expansive homes to high-rise flats. There is a steady demand for opulent homes in this active property market. The region is a profitable place to invest because of its strong rental returns and potential for appreciation.


Living at LIV Waterside in Dubai Marina is about more than just the residences; it’s about the way of life. Numerous facilities are available to residents, such as large swimming pools, well-known yacht clubs, and seashores. Modern gyms and fitness centers are available to fitness enthusiasts. There are peaceful walks, beautifully designed landscaped areas, and spa services available for unwinding. In addition, the neighborhood has a thriving social scene with upscale dining establishments, cozy cafés, and high-end shops.


The elegantly constructed residences at LIV Waterside are reminiscent of a modern architectural marvel, blending in with the surrounding natural surroundings. Just picture yourself lounging on your couch with a cup of coffee, a gripping mystery book, and a cool breeze coming through the sliding balcony doors. LIV Waterside is the ultimate house if we could live there indefinitely.

Level Diagrams

The floor designs will reflect the newest styles in waterfront living so that the occupants may take full use of every area of their new house.

Location Benefits

Dubai Marina is a great place to make a statement about your lifestyle. The region is well-known for its opulent flats and tall residential buildings that envelop the Gulf shore. Every building is a work of art, exhibiting the ideal fusion of avant-garde style and opulent luxury. This architecture crafts experiences rather than merely living spaces; each structure is a representation of luxury and magnificence.

Dubai Marina is a magnificent illustration of what life in luxury ought to be like. The site is all about the luxurious residences, where you can look forward to an entirely new experience that includes world-class amenities, stunning vistas, and a bustling way of life. Dubai Marina is a great area to live if you’re looking for the best things in life and want to feel like you belong.

  • Five minutes. The Palm Court
  • 07 Min. Emirates Mall
  • 18 minutes. DIFC, or Dubai International Financial Center
  • 22 minutes. International Airport of Dubai
  • 25 minutes. Airport International Al Maktoum
  • 10 minutes. Dubai Hills Shopping Center
  • 28 minutes. IMG Adventure Worlds
  • 20 minutes. Dubai’s downtown.

More Amenities

This is a place where you may reconnect with your hobbies, grow your relationships, enjoy delectable food, soak up the sun’s warmth, look into career prospects, and just sit back and pay close attention to the stories the waves have to say.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Kid’s Play Area
  • Parks & Leisure Areas
  • Jogging Track
  • Gymnasium
  • Dining Outlets
  • Retail Outlets
  • Car Parking
  • Indoor Games

Cause for Selecting LIV Developers?

LIV Developers has quickly become one of the most well-known brands in Dubai’s real estate industry. There are several reasons for this. Below are a handful of them:

  • With an emphasis on the planning and building of opulent residential homes, LIV Developers has established a solid reputation for providing all-inclusive services in the upscale real estate development sector.
  • LIV Developers usually creates projects with luxurious duplex penthouses and cutting-edge contemporary residences.
  • The firm places a strong emphasis on superb craftsmanship and remarkable attention to detail.
  • LIV Developers strives to complete all of its projects within the allocated budget and on schedule.
  • Outstanding client service is provided by the organization throughout the development phase.
  • A plethora of real estate developments in esteemed cities throughout the globe, including Dubai, Los Angeles, and New York, may be attributed to LIV Developers.
  • The business has made a name for itself creating opulent residential buildings as well as mixed-use, commercial, and retail areas.
  • Two characteristics are present in every property that the business develops: outstanding architecture and perfect design. 
  • A property created and built by LIV Developers is a wise investment that has the potential to yield substantial long-term profits.
  • The firm has been diversifying its inventory of opulent homes throughout Dubai’s most sought-after neighbourhood, guaranteeing clients the benefits of excellent buildings and prime locations.


Nature of Complexity

Liv Residence is a high-end apartment building. The layout of studios and flats that adhere to the highest quality requirements demonstrates this. Magnificent views from the expansive rooftops raised beds, and panoramic windows are the focal point of the residential facilities. The complex’s residents and visitors may take in the vibrant activity of the yacht marina as well as the blue Persian Gulf horizon set against a contemporary metropolitan skyline of skyscrapers. Additionally, Liv Residence’s access to nearby beaches is a huge benefit, allowing you to blend a laid-back beach vacation with an urban lifestyle to perfection.


Liv Residence’s position makes it feasible for both residents and visitors to quickly reach Dubai’s most well-liked activities. The biggest Emirates Golf Club is around ten minutes away by automobile. It has a sizable golf course with breathtaking scenery in addition to cafés, bars, and restaurants. For those who enjoy sailing, the apartments at Liv Residence are the ideal spot to unwind after a boat race. You may hire an automobile at the marina to go around the neighboring Palm Islands.

Design and Architecture

Experts at Naga Architects created the Liv Residence’s architecture and design. The residential complex’s high-rise structure, which reflects a sophisticated business style, was designed using the most recent developments in urban architecture. The building’s interior is mostly composed of marble accents and elaborate ornamental elements in a contemporary style. The flats’ interiors have been designed to be both warm and simple. Here, wooden accents and neutral-colored furniture work well with the light walls and floors. The apartments are flooded with natural light because of their enormous windows, which give the impression that they are larger than they are.

Economic Appeal

In the Dubai property market, residential flats in coastal locations are in great demand right now. Dubai Marina is among the greatest places to operate a rental business while looking to invest. The annual return on investment for apartments in the yachting community is around 7.95%, which is a very high figure for Dubai. Experts have seen a steady rise in housing costs in the emirate, particularly in the city’s centre. This is a result of the low number of new construction projects in the area, which raises the value of each unit. As a result, if you purchase an apartment at Liv Residence now, you should anticipate a large future cost rise.


Our goal at LIV Dubai is to provide our inhabitants with residences that encapsulate and facilitate a high-quality lifestyle. The Principals of LIV have lived in Dubai since 1991, and they have made significant investments in a variety of UAE markets. They also employ a sizable and skilled staff in Dubai. Having been in the property market in Dubai since 2000, we have a special understanding of the market and a reputation for producing opulent, well-constructed homes. We have completed projects in some of Dubai’s most desirable neighborhoods, such as Business Bay, Jebel Ali, Pearl Jumeirah, and Emirates Hills. Our new site in Dubai Marina blends our 28 years of industry expertise in the UAE with our forward-thinking goal of creating a landmark property in a flagship. 

Frequently asked Questions(FAQS)

Question 1: One of the biggest names in Dubai’s property market is LIV Developers. Answer 1: The organization is in the business of creating luxurious homes that are the epitome of refinement and luxury. Sought-after locations inside the city are home to LIV residences. It would be wise to invest in LIV Developers based on all of these criteria.

Question 2: Liv Developers is owned by who?

Answer 2: Latif Habib serves as LIV Developers’ CEO, while Ishan Khwaja is the company’s director.\

Question 3:  Is Liv profitable?

Answer 3: According to federal court filings, the circuit backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is producing almost no revenue as the LIV Golf League gets ready to launch its second season in Mexico later this month.

Question 4: Which real estate services are provided by LIV Developers?

Answer 4:  LIV Developers provides a wide variety of services, from real estate project design and development to construction. The organization has experience creating projects in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Question 5: Advantage of LIV Developers?

Answer 5: Vision, dental, and health insurance Plans 401(k) with Employer Match

PTO & corporate vacations generously granted

Employer-sponsored premarital and marital therapy

Days of compensation for services

Trips to Scott River Lodge and JH Outback were covered by the employer.

Access to the fitness center

Plan for company mobile phone usage

Fully supplied kitchen in the office

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